Helping children with Down’s Syndrome develop vital life-skills

Down's South London (DSL)

Helping children with Down's Syndrome develop vital skills for daily living

DSL was initially set up by a group of London-based parents in 1998 in response to a lack of appropriate speech and language therapy in London.

The service has grown from a fortnightly service providing therapy to around five children into one providing regular weekly therapy across three areas of therapy to around 35 children today.
£65 buys one hour of a specialist therapist for three children.
Along with all the medical complications, Down's syndrome makes it much harder for children like my son to do the basic things like walking and talking. In addition, he is also deaf. I was feeling pretty desperate about his future until we joined DSL...

9 months later and my son is now crawling and making his first attempts at speaking.

Mel Rosenvinge
  Friends of DSL
What we do ...

DSL operates as a family support network, providing invaluable mutual support and the oportunity for parents/carers to socialise, form friendships and share information, as well as meet around social events (such as summer fairs and Christmas parties).

With the exception of the therapy service itself, the charity is run entirely by parent volunteers.

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Downs South London, Registered Charity 1123045.     Registered company number: 6381649.
59 Lyndhurst Grove, London SE15 5AW.