Helping children with Down’s Syndrome develop vital life-skills
£10 buys a sensory aid (e.g. jiggler, chewy tubes) for a child.
"Due to funding cuts there was very little help from the NHS after our son was born. We were told that we would have to wait for a year for any speech and language therapy, and the physio therapy was non-existent. "

"As such the specialist service DSL has provided has proved invaluable, with it Oscar has made huge leaps in both his language and physical development."

Andrew Dobson
  Friends of DSL
10,000 Signs Challenge...

DSL's 10,000 Makaton Signs Challenge

The challenge officially launched at Down’s South London's summer fair on Sunday 30 June 2013, where we filmed our first 125 clips.

We aim to generate 10,000 video Clips of people using 21 Makaton words and build a large 'community' wall of Makaton users online.

We’re now up to around 1,000. Please help by taking part - it costs £1 - less than a cup of coffee and you can donate online via justgiving or via text

Click on an box below to view a Makaton sign:


To add your own video please visit XXX and donate £1 to the cause.

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